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Services & Products

Services & Products


The franchisee will pay the franchisor under the terms of the agreement, usually either a flat fee or a percentage of the revenues or profits, from the sales transacted at that location.

Lease Line

Dedicated Support Team, Escalation Matrix, Dedicated Account Manager, Customised SLA, Highly advanced Infrastructure.

A premium Internet connectivity product, normally delivered over fiber, which provides uncontended, symmetrical bandwidth with full duplex traffic. It is also known as an Ethernet leased line, dedicated line, data circuit or private line.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

A hotspot is a physical location where people may obtain Internet access, typically using Wi-Fi technology, via a wireless local area network (WLAN) using a router connected to an internet service provider

Being able to connect to the Internet in public hots-pots is extremely convenient. Wireless home networks are convenient as well. They allow you to easily connect multiple computers and to move them from place to place without disconnecting and reconnecting wires


Networking refers to the total process of creating and using computer networks, with respect to hardware, protocols and software, including wired and wireless technology.

Through them, devices connected to your network can communicate with one another and with other networks, like the Internet.

IP Surveillance

24*7 security, Remote Monitoring Picture Quality, after Resistance Low Light Wifi, IR, WDR, Motion Detection Audio, Face detection, Audio.

Fibernet offers a number of benefits over traditional analog CCTV, including:

  • Improved search capability.
  • Greater ease of use.
  • Better quality images and no degradation of content over time.
  • The ability to record and play simultaneously.


The term landline is also sometimes used to refer to a dedicated line, which is a permanent connection between two locations. However, in recent years, the term is mostly used to differentiate fixed-line home phones from mobiles.

Fiber FTTH Broadband

The superior technology to deliver Internet and network services is optical fiber that carries a communications signal from an operator’s equipment all the way to a home, business or enterprise. This technology has been found to be more robust and reliable than older technologies. Though relatively new, running fiber to homes (fiber-to-the-home) is a fast growing method of providing much greater bandwidth and speeds to consumers and businesses, for more robust video, internet and voice services.

Cloud Telephony & IVR Solutions

Our cloud telephony solution finds multiple applications across industries-

  • Build your own call center on the cloud sans any infrastructure.
  • Safeguard your customers’ privacy by masking their personal phone numbers.
  • Provide bulk virtual number for marketplaces and marketing campaigns.
  • Missed call numbers to garner instant customer feedback.
  • Automate and schedule routine or campaign based SMS/Calls.
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